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- 公司地址 -
山东省威海市渤海路91号 邮编:264205 网址:www.trisen.com.cn 网址:www.workshop-uk.com

About Us

?WEIHAI SHUNSHENG KNITTING FASHION CO.,LTD is a self-support authority of import and export Sino-foreign joint venture company, combining international trade, yarn dyeing, sweater and knit processing? and production as a whole.

It covers an area of 3,2 hectares . The company introduced a full set of international advanced dyeing, knitting equipments more than 500 from Hong Kong. Sweater annual exports are more than 10 million pcs and knit is more than eight million pcs. The sales network is extended throughout China, Japan, Korea, South America etc.

With hard work ,SHUNSHENG has made brilliant achievements and grown prosperous four major businesses, namely International Trade Department, Dyeing Department, Sweater Department and Knitting Department that now developing together in harmony with one and another. SHUNSHENG has got significant increase among nationwide in respect of comprehensive strength.

SHUNSHENG is always ready to use its past successful experience and quality services to bring maximum benefits to its clients and create a win-win future for both the company and the clients.